Environmental impact


Many of us who grew up enjoying the great outdoors fondly recall the “good old days” when rec-
reational opportunities were many and government regulations were few. Even in highly desire-
able campgrounds, like Yosemite Valley in mid-summer, you could usually find a campsite.
Hiking trails were lightly used, and it was easy to “get lost” in the National Forests.

Today – not so much. On most summer weekends, you will be lucky to find a slot in one of the
overflow parking lots of many Forest Service campgrounds. Popular hiking trails can often feel
as crowded as a city sidewalk during rush hour. And, while it is great that more people are en-
joying the outdoors than ever before, the impact of human encroachment on the natural envi-
ronment is increasingly evident.

Our goal with Thunderbox is to minimize the impact of human waste on the great outdoors.
Sure, we’ve all heard the saying “Does a Bear sh*t in the woods” – And it does. But imagine the
effects of hundreds or even thousands of bears sh*tting in your favorite recreation area. You get
the picture. There are few things that mar an outdoor experience like seeing bits of stained toilet
paper – or “poo tickets”, as they say in Australia. Proper use of Thunderbox contains waste to a
small “footprint”, where it can be buried or packed out for later disposal.

We can all do our part to keep wild places wild. The generations that follow will thank us.