Our story


It all started about six years ago with the purchase of a cabover truck camper. Now, when
choosing a particular floorplan for the Camper, one thing was a “given” – it was NOT going to
have a built-in toilet. Now you might ask “Why?”

This camper was our first (and so far – only) foray into the “RV Life”. Until then, it had only been
tents – or even sleeping under the stars. With uncooperative weather, often we would spend the
night in the cargo area of our Bronco – or, in ancient history, in the back of our 1965 Dodge van.
Basically, we were “overlanders” long before there was a term for what we did.

Now, along comes the pinnacle of creature comfort – the truck camper. Not having any
experience with “RVing”, I did a lot of research – reading any book, article or review I could find
on the subject. One such resource was a film called “RV” – starring Robin Williams. If you have
never seen it, it is really worth the time. If you HAVE seen it, you might remember a particular
where the blackwater tank is drained from the RV. All comic exaggeration aside, this was
something that I NEVER wanted to do – hence my resistance to an onboard toilet.


But the lingering problem of Where to “Go” remained. Since we were no strangers to “off grid
camping”, it wasn’t a big problem – normally involving wandering off into the woods with a roll
of toilet paper. But now we had Julia – a little girl who was very skittish about such things. I had
to find a solution.

After many attempts at somehow adapting a five gallon bucket to our needs, it was apparent
that we needed something better. Something that was stable, could withstand the rigors of
offroad travel, was comfortable to use – and most importantly, took up no room in our already
overcrowded camper.

Although there was nothing like that in the US market, I found it in Australia – where the
Thunderbox had been serving the needs of Outback Adventurers for many years. After having
one sent to me (a different story of foreign exchange rates and long sea voyages), we tried it and
were hooked. It met all of my needs, and more importantly, the female members of the family
really love it.

With testing completed, we worked with the Australian manufacturer to bring the Thunderbox
to America for all adventurous spirits with the same basic needs to enjoy. I hope you do too.